Travel People: Living Authentic Lives, Finding Kindred Spirits, Fulfilling Dreams

S1 E3: Talking France with Travel Writer and Blogger Janice Chung

May 31, 2020 Host Cindy McCain with Guest Janice Chung Season 1 Episode 3
Travel People: Living Authentic Lives, Finding Kindred Spirits, Fulfilling Dreams
S1 E3: Talking France with Travel Writer and Blogger Janice Chung
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How is the world coping with changes caused by the pandemic? Are you needing an escape? Have you ever dreamed of vacationing in Paris, Provence, the French Riviera? Or have you already fallen in love with France and want to return for some unique, new experiences? Join my conversation with an old friend, Janice Chung, Canadian award-winning writer and blogger at FranceTravelTips. She shares with us her favorite experiences after 34 pilgrimages to the country she calls her "heart's home." Hear secrets on where and how to run races, bike, kayak, eat, play, relax, study at a French Immersion school or  Le Cordon Bleu. Whatever your heart desires, this lady born on Bastille Day can get you there! You'll be inspired by her travels in Bhutan, Kenya and Canada, too. Music Credits: Carole Edwards, "Come and Run Away with Me," Chris Haugen, "Casablanca Caravan," Dan Lebowitz, "Mysteries" To watch the Skype interview with photos go here.
Photo Credits: Cindy McCain and  Janice Chung 

Note: This episode was recorded May 14, 2020, thus numbers of Covid-19 cases has changed since then. The conversation will also be available on YouTube where you can see photos, videos, and the Skype interview.

Rather than a full transcript, see "Chapters" for a list of topics. I have included more information on what we discuss in the links below.
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TBEX Spain 2015 where Jan and I met

TBEX Europe 2020--the Sicily Conference in March --Postponed

Jan's Favorite French Race--the Marathon du Medoc

Two for the Road

The Little Yellow Train

Bike Ride Along the Canal du Midi

Kayaking in France.

French Immersion Courses

Menton Lemon Festival

12 Days in Menton and Nice Area

Unique Paris Experiences

Before Sunset

Montemartre in Paris

How to Order Snails in France

Jan's Itineraries for All Her Trips to France

Canada Weather and Handling the Pandemic
Jan in France when Covid-19 Hit Italy/Our 5-year Reunion in Sicily Cancelled
What's in Jan's Glass and How Many Times Has She Been to France??
Coping with Covid: Career Questions, Comedy, and Staying Connected
Jan's Favorite Races in France--Wine at Water Stations!
Other Unique Experiences in France
How Jan Reinvented Herself as a Travel Blogger
TBEX in Spain jumpstarts our blogs
How and Why Jan Became a Francophile and Claims France as her Heart's Home
How Differs from Other Blogs and Websites Promoting France
Her Favorite French Experiences--Le Cordon Bleu ("Julia Child") Courses, Open-air Mountain Train, Bike Riding, Kayaking
Food Experiences, French Immersion/ Language School, Festivals
Must Sees/Must Dos in Paris
Must Sees/Must Dos in Provence
Seaside Escapes
How to Order/Eat in France
Other Favorite Travel Experiences: Canada, Butan, Kenya
Cameo Appearance by Joubert the Cat
What Jan Would Tell a 20something Daughter or Her 20something Self